Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Customisable and scalable cryptocurrency exchange trading software built by experienced Blockchain engineers with a high focus on security, connectivity, and seamless environment. WeCryptofy will build complete, reliable altcoin exchange software to promote secure and fast transactions.

Modern technologies permit us to present a solution for growing cryptocurrency marketplace as well. If you own a cryptocurrency and are seeing to integrating into an exchange platform, we will offer you a perfect ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software to begin your coin exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange software we develop here is an entirely white label.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Features


Wallet Integration

Our cryptocurrency exchange will allow you to maintain multi-currency wallets for smooth transactions and storage. Multisignature wallets will grant security to all BAF-based exchanges. Your crypto-funds will not be externally accessed. It can be a hard wallet, cold wallet or a paper wallet.


BAF Exchange Platform

The BAF(Blockchain Asset Fund) Exchange grants liquidity to the exchange. For example, if the transaction has a minimized liquidity and falls below the safe point, BAF Exchange Platform will negotiate with predefined orders and add to the order book. In the absence of sellers, BAF Platform will volunteer as a broker with a Yield Spread Premium(YSP).


Fund Managment

The integrated wallet platform will manage all cryptocurrency transactions in an automated way. The users of the platform can either manage fiat-currency automatically or manually with our novel processing features and interface with banks. The integrated wallet platform will handle all cryptocurrency transactions in an automated way.


Connection To External Exchange

Through our API we'll connect with external exchanges like Bittrex, BitStamp etc. to enhance liquidity. The liquidity will be based on the cryptocurrency accumulated in the external account.


Payment Gateway Integration

The platform will be combined into a payment gateway, letting the users buy and sell using fiat currencies via credit cards, debit cards, and additional payment methods.


All Currency Transactions

You can integrate any currency in the BAF Exchange Software. Any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin or any fiat-currency like US$ Dollars, Chinese RMB can be embedded into the BAF exchange.

Process of Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Step 1

Requirement Gathering, Exchange Preparation.

Step 2

Vanilla Exchange Product installation with jurisdictional changes based on the geography of exchange incorporation.

Step 3

Match Engine Installation as per requirements

Step 4

Integration of different blockchains into the Exchange

Step 5

Enhancing the Security Features

Step 6

Listing of the Coins/Tokens on to the Exchange

Step 7

Handing Over the Exchange